Finally here: 300! (iPhone Hipstamatic Users Rejoice?)
Those of us who use the Hipstamatic app on our smart phones have been hearing for a very long time now that there will be a new version coming "soon."

Today is "Soon."  If you read the details of the app it says that it is "Free for a limited time" and that it is for IOS users only.  They mock Android users "Sorry, not sorry, Android users."

A visit to the iPhone App store shows that Hipstamatic is being featured on the Best New Apps feed.  Version 300. Now I can only hope that it will bring about far less crashes than version 280.  I have loved the app when it runs, but when it crashes it often eats the photos that were processing on the phone, and I  am suddenly without my photos.  So here I am, crossing my fingers.... XXXX.

The new verions features some things that have been missing. I know that the idea of the hipster camera app was to be like the old plastic Holga cameras, but there are times when it would be really, really nice to at least control the focus point.  They have that option now.

The app lists the classic mode, plus multiple exposure and Pro Mode.  Not only can the Pro Mode control focus, but also exposure and white balance, and even aspect ratio.

I have been using other camera apps and importing the photos into Oggl to get the filter look I want. Now I may be able to ditch the other apps and just use Hipstamatic.  My old iPhone 4s has limited storage space after all, and dumping those other apps will mean more room for more photos.

What else is the purpose of an iPhone if not for photography?
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