Football Defeat - Shooting without light

For a few weeks now I have enjoyed using a Nikon D4 camera body for shooting some night time sports.  While My Nikon D7100 does a reasonable job with things, the D4 is such an improvement that I am beginning to see why people are willing to spend the thousands of dollars for the camera. I hit the field with the D4, my D7100, a 300 f/2. and a 70-200 f/2.8 lens.  I also had a pair of SB-800 flash units in my bag in case I needed them. (I never touched them).

Here are  the results from shooting the first half of the game.

The Miyamura Patriots came in with a 4-0 record, but their opponent, with a record of 4-1, was ranked much higher in the State.  During hte first half Miyamura tried to keep it a close game, going into the locker room at half-time trailing 34-29 against St. Pius X.

The second half saw the Patriots come out and turn the ball over with an interception, and things just got worse.

In the end The St. Pius X Sartans left the field with a basketball score: 69-38.

 I was only able to stay for the first half of the game as I was working for The Gallup Independent and unlike years ago when I worked there, they now do their Saturday paper page layouts Friday evening.  As a lot of news photographers can tell you, this means leaving early to get photos to the page editors in time for them to get to work.
For those interested in the technicals, I started shooting at ISO 5000, and soon move to 6400 on the D7100 (that is the max) and the D4 I nudged up to ISO 8000. 

I was shooting 1/500 or 1/640 for my shutter speed, and manually set my white balance to 3500K.
Once home I did my selection using Photo Mechanic and then the edits were bare bones - open them in ACR and bring them into Photoshop CC  2015.5. I little bit of tweaking of the white and black points was all I really had to do.  Then I applied the Imagenomic Noiseware filter set for night scene to clean up the noise in the background.
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