Rewind - Canon Photo Safari

Back in 1999 to about 2003 both Nikon and Canon were doing televised photography programs.  The Canon version featured a celebrity paired with an expert photographer on trips around the world and was called the Canon Photo Safari which aired on ESPN. What is surprising to me is that there is virtually nothing about the shows available on the internet - nothing on Youtube.

Last night I stumbled across several old VHS video cassette tapes, including two that were filled with episodes of the show.  They include things like Michael Gross in Antarctica, Carol Alt in Egypt, and William Shatner in Israel and in Hawaii. 

On the Nikon side I remember Bob Krist hosting several episodes, though I cannot remember the name of the program or find any traces of it on the internet.  Anybody know it?

I no longer have regular TV, or cable or satellite - only Netflix, so watching the tapes is frustrating.  The program itself is decent with some good shooting tips that are not equipment specific. The issue is the endless string of commercials.  Could a TV show like this be made today? I think not.  With so many options on the internet, people making their own tutorials, YouTube and Vimeo, and a plethora of pros posting content to drive traffic to their sites, it would be pretty difficult to convince corporate execs to invest the money into their own TV shows.

Examples are things like and Kelbyone for instruction and sharing. What sites and resources do you use for when you want to learn or get some inspiration?

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