Oggl is Updated and Ready to Shoot

 I was excited about the announcement that iOS 10 would allow iPhone users to shoot and edit RAW files, and even installed the Beta version of the operating system so I could have access to the feature.  And there are some apps that had early version out that supported RAW, like ProCamera.

The downside to the update was that two of my favorite apps, Hipstamatic andOggl (by Hipstamatic) no longer worked properly.  The Hipstamatic app worked on a limited basis, but importing photos not taken in that app would crash the program. 

For Oggl things were worse.  I could access the community portion of the app for viewing and sharing photos from others, but the app would immediately crash when I tried to go to the camera side of the app. 

Today they rolled out an update and they have fixed the issue with version .3.1.  It is good to have Oggl back.  Unfortunately, and this is beyond the control of the Hipstamatic people, so don't fault them, you can no longer directly connect to Instagram or directly post to Instagram in the Oggl app.  One more thing Instagram has changed that I wish they hadn't.

So what is Oggl?  The app is two parts.  One is a camera and filter app that allows you to shoot pictures, or use pictures shot in other apps, and apply filters and presets to change the look of the images.  They have different types of filters which are in three categories, films, lenses, and flashes.  You can mix and match until you get the one that looks best for your image.

On the other side of the app is a sharing app that is similar to Instagram, but it is more focused.

Oggl is available for iPhone and for Windows phones.  The app itself is free and it gives you an introductory set of films and lenses.  For some people that is enough.  If you want more you have a couple of options. 

1. If you are a Hipstamatic user and have purchased films and lenses for your Hipstamatic app you can import them into the Oggl app for free. In the camera mode press the lower right icon that looks like a roll offilm with a lens in front of it. Then press the red "get more gear" button on the next screen.Then in the top right of the following screen you will see the word "import".  Press that and you can import your film, lenses and paks into Oggl.

2. Buy a subscription.  For $9.99 you get access to all of the lenses and films. Every last one they have.  If you are unsure about committing for a year, you can buy a three month membership for $2.99.

If you are looking for an alternative to Instagram to share your images, or if you want an aditional outlet, give Oggl a try.
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