Miyamura defeats Gallup - for the first time ever

It was an unusual day. Snow and icy roads had officials close school today. They still decided that the girls basketball game could still go on, since both teams are in town.  Because more snow is expected and because students were not in school they moved the start times up an hour and the varsity game started a few minutes after 6 p.m.

#34 - Tonya Tolino

Both teams got off to a slow start, with the first points not coming until Tonya Tolino (34) made this basket (below) with the clock showing 4:44 remaining in the first quarter.  (Seethe scoreboard in the background).

The game was tied several times, but in the fourth quarter the Lady Patriots pulled ahead and won 62-47.  IT is the first time Miyamura's girls have ever defeated the Gallup Bengals.

#23 - Dana Barber

#14 - Lauryn Thomas
#32 - Katianna Toledo

#12 - Phrankie Pawlowski

#5 - Hannah Murphy (C)

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