Spinning the Platters - KDSK-FM

KDSK radio station owner Derek Underhill shows off some of the vintage 45 rpm discs from his archives Wednesday in front of the station in Grants, NM. The station has a streaming internet broadcast, as well as transmitting over the FM airwaves, and plays a variety of old music that includes nearly 30,000 tracks between its digital and vinyl collections.

KDSK radio station owner Derek Underhill takes his turn at the microphone inside of the station's studio offices in Grants, NM.

A peak inside the KDSK radio station offices reveals a radio museum, including this mock-up ofan old D.J.'s console, turntable and cart machine.

KDSK-radio DJ Steve Ricketts makes himself comfortable behind one of the studio microphones as he is on the air.

I walked into the station with our reporter and was soon feeling very at ease. Friendly guys who were down to earth and easy going. Steve Ricketts was making me chuckle from behind my camera as he rattled off his monologue into the microphone. I thought of the old sit-com, WKRP in Cincinatti, and apparently others had too. In the back corner of the museum there was a toy WKRP turntable and microphone play set.

So, that brings up a point that makes me say 'hmmmmmm'. Has anybody ever noticed that newsman Les Nessman always had a bandage on someplace on his body - face, hands, arms, etc. in every episode and NOBODY ever commented on it? I guess the news business is a dangerous way to earn a living.
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